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There are many different and special features we look for when choosing casinos online for our sites.

Here at United States of America Online Casino we love online casinos and everything related to penny games. It’s that simple. When we play online casino, it is mainly to have some fun and relaxation. We are all about giving you the opportunity to calm your breathing and lower your shoulders because we have found the casinos that suits USAs players the best. Here we can help you find all the online casinos you need know about before starting to play. In addition, we offer you exclusive deals and bonuses from many of the USA casinos that we write about on our site. You basically have a win-win situation that gives you both exclusive online casino bonuses and the opportunity to play in peace and quiet, knowing that the online casino you play is 100% safe for you as a player. And it's wise to choose online casinos from our listings as it is difficult to keep up with the developments in the casino industry. Those ranking on top and considered the best online casinos for 2018 may not even be on the list of best United States casinos for 2019. Who knows what will happen in 2020? So read a review, find your casino and relax with some great games! We carefully test all our online casinos before we write about them. We also negotiate large and exclusive bonuses so that you can collect more cash, bonuses and fun for your account. A bonus at online casino is always a good thing because it means you get free money to play for. Bonuses, and especially welcome bonuses at the online casinos are the casino's way of encouraging you to play while you visit their website. Therefore, it is always exciting with bonuses, and many online casinos are bonus casinos that are committed to offer the best deals for their players.

Our goal with this guide for users of USAs

Online casino is to always provide you with relevant and good information. You might be wondering what a casino guide is? Well, simply put it´s a manual that gives you all the tools you need to improve your skills in a given field. Of course, such guides are also made for online casinos. We have valuable experience when it comes to online gaming and we promise to share all our knowledge and thoughts about online casinos in United States of America with you. Others would pay a lot of money to get access to the information about online casinos we provide to you. We have spent considerable amounts of time playing games on the best online casino that is available, and written down all the tips and tricks we have spent a long-time learning. But don't believe it is only one general casino guide for all USAs online casino. If you visit different online casinos, you will find that there are many different games and genres for you to play. We have off course taken this into account. You will find guides to all different genres and subcategories of games at our page. At USA Online Casino we have tested most of the different online games at online casino and know that having specific and detailed guides for each game is extremely important for you as a player to make sense of what we make and write.

There is nothing better than bonuses on your favorite games, and you can find just that at United States of America casinos online. Every day we work hard to find the best deals and bonuses for our players. There are many free spins waiting and exclusive bonuses for online casino, with also means a lot of opportunities to gain some extra cash. If you use free spins on a slot machine it means will try the slot machine for free. But the best thing about the free spins you can use on USA casino online is not just that they are free to play with, but that they give real money in gain!

Bitcoin payments and Bitcoin as currency will still be valid for a long time. And of course, it is now possible to pay with Bitcoin and crypto currency on United States Casino Online. We have therefor created a Bitcoin casino guide for you to read and thus understand more of crypto currency, bitcoin and how to use them on USA online casino.

How to register at a USA online casino? What to expect?

You have several different online casinos to choose from in the online gambling and gaming industry. On a nearly daily basis casinos is launched online where we can play and enjoy ourselves. Some online casinos specialize in online slots and offer a wide selection of these. Other online casinos like to show off all their table games to their new players. There are even online casinos that specialize in poker games, some on bingo games and others on virtual scratch cards. Test the waters and gradually remove all USAs casinos that do not suit your style and personality And then comes the exciting part: to become a player at the online casino. How is this done? Your first step is to register as a player and then open an account at the online casino of your choice. When you register as a player and are ready to begin the experience testing the best United States casinos, you will need to provide some personal information. Therefore, it is important to make sure the online casino you choose is safe and not a scam. All the casinos we present here on our site are safe online casinos that the players of USA can enjoy and can be considered the best United States casinos 2019. Some online casinos give their players a small welcome bonus as a reward for signing up. This small welcome bonus usually consists of casino free spins and the player can try some games at the casino for free without even making their first deposit. To get started with this wonderful game, you must register and make your first deposit. That's when you´ll receive the big bonuses if you have chosen an online casino that offers a welcome bonus. Some online casinos will give players welcome bonuses with wagering requirements, other casinos have chosen to remove these requirements from their sites. Then you are a registered player with free spins on your account. Now all that remains is to start playing and enjoy online casino 2019!

To get maximum value from the online casino, you need to have some knowledge about various game categories available.

A wide selection of games is your greatest advantage when playing at the best online casino. There are insane amounts of cool and exciting games to choose from, whatever your favorite genre happens to be. Do you like table games and the classic casino feel? That´s not a problem! At online casino you can get that delicious casino feeling in many different ways. There are table games for everyone. We can play games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. All these classic casino games this is deeply rooted and has a lot of history behind them. In many ways, one can say that these are the casino games that was the start of the online casino we find today since the traditional casinos started out with the classic table games. To stand by a roulette table or playing a round of blackjack with well-dressed ladies and gentlemen is fortunately no longer reserved for players at traditional casinos. Today, everyone can enjoy this exciting online casino experience. You can simply enter the online casino you choose and search your way through their games. It is not just the classic casino games we find at the casino online. There are also games such as keno, scratch cards and various lottery games available. Bingo is a type of game at online casinos that many online players appreciate. But the most common game at online casinos today is online slots. Slots available in USA comes in many different shapes and colors, and they can be enjoyed from anywhere since a wide selection now is adapted to mobile gaming.

We advise you to try playing casino games at United States of America online casino for free a few times before making your first deposit. When you set the game in free mode position you play with virtual play money. This way you can test a game you would like to play without spending a single penny.

There are also many bonuses and bonus games for you to discover at the online casino. Welcome bonuses, cash-back bonuses, deposit bonuses and so much more can be found at almost every online casino you can choose from here with us!

Live Dealer Games

A very exciting opportunity for you offered by best casino available today. Have you heard of live casino? Do you know what it means to play live dealer games? If the answer is no then you will get a pleasing surprise trying one of the most exciting games available at online casino today. Many players want the delicious and traditional casino experience to play classic casino games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. This online casino world has come up with a solution for. These games can be enjoyed using a live dealer. It will give a complete experience where image and sound from a traditional casino will be transferred to your living room. Thus, you can experience a traditional casino completely without leaving your home or even getting up from your sofa. You will get all the best from a traditional casino without having to worry about waiting time, queues, dress codes or other 'problems'. The most common games you will find when playing live casino at online casino are blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Roulette is a game of chance where the live dealer, or the croupier, spins a bullet and you as a player must guess where on the big wheel it lands. There are several types of roulette and you can read all about them here on our pages. Blackjack is a card game where you as a player must try to beat the dealer. Your goal is to get cards on hand that gives a sum as close as possible to 21. If you exceed 21 points then the round is over and you lose. You can read all the rules about Blackjack here. There are many US citizens who love to try Baccarat on United States online casinos. This card game is played by betting your money on who the winner is going to be. Is it you, the dealer or will it be a draw? Read all Baccarat rules here. There are also some stylish versions of online poker that you can enjoy playing at the online casino. There are exciting games you can play with live dealer at various USA casinos. Choose your casino from our site and enjoy games and excitement today.

We can tell you how slot machines are created and uploaded to United States online casino.

Who is creating all those games and software we find at the online casino? How to make online games? This is something not everyone has picked up on. We believe that an online casino guide is not complete until all those who read it know the answer to this. Online casino games are created by various gaming providers. The biggest gaming providers of the online casino are called Microgaming and NetEnt. As of today, these two are leading the development of games for online casino. But they are not the only ones. There are hundreds of other online casino games providers. Some of these are big companies who are up there challenging Microgaming and NetEnt, but most others are smaller vendors who often offer their games through the larger platforms. There are some vendors that are more important for casinos in USA than others. We can mention Yggdrasil, Play'n GO, Playtech and NextGen Gaming. These are all major suppliers with many exciting games. Evolution Gaming is also an exciting supplier. Evolution Gaming puts all its strength in producing live dealer games for online casinos. To play online casino live games all you need is to find an online casino that has games with live dealer as part of its selection and start playing. There aren't few American players who really adore live dealer games when they are spending time at the best online casino. On our pages you will find presentations of all these software vendors and many more. This way you can find out what they stand for and who they are.

It is fun to read news about USA casinos.

Our news desk is well updated and that means you can also be updated. In order to make sure you are up to date at any time, we have in United States of America Online Casino created a site with casino news from the best online casinos available for citizens of USA. But how does a casino news read? Well, you will find the latest and hottest news at the top of the page, and then you can scroll down for older posts. We have made it a high priority for you to be able to read the best news about online casinos. When people wonder why we do that, we only have one good and easy answer to give: because we want others to love online casinos as much as we do and get the same great experience that we already have. In order to take advantage of the offers and all that USA casino offers players, it is highly advisable to be up to date on the news emerging from the gaming world. We write news from online casinos about both new games, events taking place, best new online casinos and lots of other useful topics. Many citizens of United States wish for news about various upcoming games at online casinos. Both large and small gaming providers in the industry delivers exciting news that we American players can read with joy. By reading our casino news, you will know which new games are up and running, where to play and whether there are any exclusive bonuses on this game at the moment. So get ready for the best and latest games and online casinos with news from USA Online Casino. We look forward to keeping you updated!

We provide you with information about all the bonuses you can find at online casinos so you can have fun using them!

When you join a United States online casino, there is a lot of excitement and joy that awaits you. You can, among other things, enjoy all the promotions and bonuses you can find on various casino sites. Some players can even be considered bonus hunters. Such players will gain full control over all different online casinos and what players may stumble upon by bonuses and extra cash when they play. However, not all players want to spend a lot of time mapping online casinos for bonuses themselves. That's why we give you an overview of the best casinos on our site. Introducing the casino of the month, giving you our top 10- list of all the information you need about each casino and giving you reviews of the best casinos online. You can be sure the casinos we present to you are the best online casino available. You can safely surf our page and find the best deals and online casino bonuses available. The bonus you will find information about in all reviews we make of various online casinos is the welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is the casino's way of welcoming you as a player at their casino. It is common that a welcome bonus consists of cash back on your first deposit and casino-free spins that you can spend on online casino games inside the casino's site. The free spins that you receives at all the best casinos is a great deal. You´ll have more opportunities to play games for free, and if you win you get to keep the profits. There are even online casinos that have abandoned the wagering requirement for bonus games and games with free spins. The wagering requirement gives the player information on how many times a profit on the casino has to be traded before the player can withdraw the winnings as real money. For example, a gain from a bonus may have a trading requirement of 35x the prize. Say that you win $100 on free spins, that means you have to trade for $3500 before you can withdraw your money. We at USA Online Casino provide you with information about the different casinos' standpoint when it comes to sales requirements and bonus coins.

The team behind United States of America Online Casino wish you luck enjoying games and fun at the casino.

We at USA Online Casino have our players best interest in mind. Therefore, we negotiate good deals at United States casinos which will provide you with more free spins and extra bonuses. We think of these free spins, deposit bonuses and other exciting bonuses are our gift to you. Although many online casinos have good bonuses to offer their players, we have taken it one step further in USA Online Casino, ensuring that the bonuses you´ll receive is even better and thus becoming more popular. We wish you the best of luck with your online casino gaming and hope you will have a great time using our services. You will find the top 10- list of the best online casinos here with us, you can learn a lot about different games and thus become an even better player, and you can enjoy great deals, exciting bonuses and free spins. If you receive a good deposit bonus and free spins at your online casino your first deposit immediately gets reduced. Our best tips for you is that you take your time to read all the information we have for you before you start playing and winning. Then you have your money under control when you play. Find your online casino, free spins and games here!