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Below is the list of online casinos available in the United States where you can use VISA.

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Paying by credit card has become a way of life now we access online shopping around the globe. One of the most popular credit cards is Visa. Offered by all the banks and financial institutions, it is also a way of topping up accounts at online casinos. You can use a Visa credit or debit card or get a pre-paid Visa card that you put money on.

What is Visa and how this card works in the US?

A Visa credit card is available from all financial institutions and some major supermarkets and department stores in the US. It is a card you can use to make purchases at shops and at online stores that accept a Visa card as a form of payment. Most online stores will accept Visa credit cards.

A Visa card offers you a line of credit up to a certain pre-determined limit. You can use this money to pay for items, top-up accounts at online activities, take a cash advance from and use to secure free trials. Credit cards are not free and you do need to pay to use them. There will be an annual fee that is sometimes waived for the first year, interest fees and fees associated with cash advances. If you pay the full amount on the credit card by the due date you will not pay any interest. If you only make the minimum payment you will be charged interest on the balance left each month.

If you have a debit card that acts as a Credit card but uses your money you will not pay any fees on money used to top up an online casino account. You need to be sure that you have enough in your account to cover the amount to add to your casino account. A pre-paid Visa credit card is also able to be used at online casinos US.

 Types of Visa Cards

There are several types of Visa credit cards you can choose to use to add money to an online casino account. All types of Visa cards are accepted by the top online casinos in the USA.

  • Visa credit card issued by financial institutions and stores
  • Visa debit card that uses the money in your checking account
  • Pre-paid Visa cards that you load money onto to use. These act like a debit visa card.
  • Many Visa cards also offer you other advantages such as points for travel.

 Are Visa online casinos legal?

Yes, these casinos are legal. There can be a problem with your Visa credit card. many USA banks do not want you to use your credit card for gambling so some financial institutions have put in place a stop an all credit card transactions at online casinos. This does not come from Visa but from the bank or credit union.

The casinos have gotten around this by using offshore companies to run the casinos available to USA gamblers. The only way you will know if your Visa credit card is accepted is to try and use it.

Pros of using Visa at online casinos

There are several pros to using a Visa credit card at an online casino.

  • A credit card makes it easier to pay or purchase online
  • Credit cards are safe and can be cancelled if you think any unauthorized purchases have occurred. Security measures are enforced by credit card companies wherever their cards are accepted. You are also protected against your details being used elsewhere.
  • High deposit limits can be available depending on your financial institution and the online casino you choose.
  • No added fees from the casino

 Cons of using Visa at online casinos

There are a few cons to using a Visa credit card to deposit at a casino and it will vary from bank to bank.

+ Credit card fees will include an annual fee you pay for the privilege of having a credit card

+ Interest fees will be charged on all purchases added to card if not paid off in full each month. These fees will vary depending on which bank or financial institution you use.

+ Cash advance fee may be charged by the bank if it regards adding to a casino account is removing cash from the card. this will significantly increase interest charges.

+ No withdrawals allowed onto your credit card by the majority of the best online casinos. Most casinos only allow withdrawal of money won by bank transfer, bank check or cryptocurrency. Your credit card will not be credited with any winnings.

+ Rejection of transaction is possible by your bank or financial institution. many do not want you to use a credit card to gamble. The problem is they don't advertise this fact. You will only find out when you go to make a deposit at an online casino that accepts Visa card. Always have a backup plan such as a Visa debit card or pre-paid Visa card just in case you need to use it.

Visa Casinos US – FAQ

What can I do if my Visa credit card payment is rejected?

If your card is rejected you can always try at another online casino. If you want to play at the one where your card was rejected you can get a pre-paid credit card that you load your own money onto. This works as a debit card and not a credit card.

Can I use my Visa debit card?

Yes, you are able to use a debit card with Visa affiliation.

Are my credit card details secure?

All online casinos use SSL encryption which means your details are safe. Only use an online casino with SSL encryption.

Is there a maximum deposit with my Visa card?

This amount will vary depending on the online casino. For example, one popular casino accepts from between $35 and $1000 per day. If your bank thinks you are making an unusual transaction it may be stopped or limited.

Do any online casinos offer a credit card?

Yes. Many of the best online casinos will offer you a credit card to use solely at their casinos. The card is not owned by the casino but is a trusted partner.