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Relatively simple in strategy with multiple opportunities to win big, roulette is both distinctive and easy to pick-up - regardless of previous gaming experience. With the unmistakable surge in online casino popularity throughout the United States, it should come as no surprise that online casino roulette is a big name in the industry.

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Allowing you to enjoy a classic game of roulette from the comfort of your very own home, online roulette features the exact same principles and format as physical roulette - just on a screen!

You simply place a specific bet on where you think the ball will land, and if your bet is successful you receive payment. Simple and easy to learn, online roulette is a great option for beginners to the roulette casino scene. 

However, online roulette has a few fundamental differences when compared to the classic game. For example, a random number generator (RNG) is used to determine which number the ball will ‘land’ on, as there’s no physical wheel to be spun. 

Live Dealer Roulette

As with traditional online roulette, live dealer roulette follows the same basic principles and format as the typical game. However, unlike regular online options that can be played at any time in which an RNG is used, live dealer roulette features a real-life dealer who manages the whole game. 

Operating from a physical roulette table, the entire game is broadcasted via a live-stream link. This allows you to experience all the fun of an authentic roulette game, without having to leave your home! You’ll be able to watch the physical roulette wheel being spun, and are required to make your betting decisions using online controls throughout the game. 

Different Roulette Variations

Whilst European roulette is often considered the best version due to its popularity, there are in fact plenty of other variations of roulette you can try. Traditional European involves numbers ranging from 0 to 36, with a slightly smaller house edge when compared to other types. 

Another popular variation is American roulette, in which an extra number in the form of ‘00’ is added. This leads to a greater house edge. And whilst rarely offered by many physical and online casinos, French roulette reduces the house edge most of all as players will receive half of their ‘even’ money bets when they lose to the number 0. 

Further variations include Royale, No-Zero and Multi-Wheel, each with their own specific characteristics. To establish which is the best version of roulette for your requirements, reading game review sites is a great place to start. 

Online Roulette Tips for Beginners

Whilst the basic rules of roulette are simple to understand, here’s some top tips and tricks you can use to boost your odds when just starting out. 


  • Set limits - Whilst the rush of playing roulette can feel exciting, it’s important to quit while you’re ahead. Not exercising self-control and playing for long time periods will significantly increase your risk of suddenly losing everything.
  • Know the odds - Due to the simplicity of online roulette, many newcomers jump straight in without actually taking the time to research the specific game. Make sure you know as much as you can regarding all bets and odds, to avoid making silly decisions. 
  • Avoid busy tables - Especially relevant if opting for live dealer roulette, choosing less crowded tables is a great option for beginners. Not only will this keep your game interesting and faster-paced, but will also help keep your entire experience running smoothly. 

How to Check the Fairness of Online Roulette

Whether you’re playing virtual roulette involving an RNG or live dealer roulette you can view in real-time, the question of fairness is likely to be on your mind. 

However, if you’re playing at a legitimate online casino that’s been certified by official gambling authorities, you won’t have anything to worry about. If there was any doubt regarding their game fairness, they simply wouldn’t receive certification. 

Licenses and Certificates

For any casino to legally administer online roulette, they must have obtained the required licenses and certificates. In order to receive such licenses, the casino must adhere to practices of good conduct, offer premium security to players, and disclose all financial information. 

To check whether your casino of choice is officially licensed, look out for official gambling association stamps on their homepage. 


All legitimate platforms offering online roulette will offer premium encryption services. This will ensure all your personal data, monetary transactions and banking information will be kept 100% safe and secure - with no risk of being compromised. 

It’s impossible to have a hassle-free online roulette experience if you’re unsure whether you’re details & information are completely safe, so be sure to read the casino’s encryption policy before making an account. 

Online Roulette RNGs

Formally known as a random number generator, an RNG is commonly used throughout many versions of online roulette. As there’s no physical wheel being spun (unless live dealer versions are being played), online casinos must utilize an alternative method of selecting numbers the ball ‘lands’ on. 

RNG is a simple software program that selects a completely random figure from a pre-chosen pool of numbers. In the case of traditional European roulette, these numbers would be 0 to 36. The software is reset each time to ensure equal probabilities with each ‘spin’, and guarantees premium fairness with zero bias. 

US Roulette Casinos - FAQs

Can I play online roulette just for fun?

Yes - the vast majority of reputable online casinos offer their roulette games in ‘demo’ versions. This allows you to enjoy all aspects of the game without actually depositing any real money. 

Is online roulette legal?

Provided you’re playing at a fully-licensed online casino, the act of playing online roulette is 100% legal. 

Do I have to install software to play online roulette?

Whilst this may be necessary as part of some downloadable casinos, the vast majority of online options offer instant play. This allows you to play online roulette immediately without having to download anything, provided you have access to a reliable internet connection. 

Which version of roulette has the lowest house edge?

Whilst odds typically remain the same, house edge can vary. European roulette is considered to offer the lowest house edge at just 2.7%. 

Are live dealer odds differs from traditional online roulette?

No - odds will always remain the same, even if there’s a live dealer involved.