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Poker is a traditional card game played at casinos around the world. Online poker has rapidly become a favorite at online casinos. Online poker differs in that you need to watch for other indicators from your opponents. Look for reaction time, betting patterns and speed of play, check the chat boxes for any hints instead of reading body language. Rate of play is faster as there is no collecting and shuffling of cards and players use auto-action buttons. This can mean an increase in hands per hour from 30 to close to 100. Online poker USA is subject to the same legalities of gambling at a real casino and most online poker can be played by US citizens. Even some offshore sites will accept and play in US dollars.

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Poker Casino – what it is and how to choose

Like any online gambling game, you need to visit a reputable gaming site that has plenty of positive reviews. Always check that a site has all the required certificates and security encryption to ensure your safety as well as the return to player rate. Video poker can have an RTP as high as 99% on some hands but the average is around 63%. Some online casinos will have better RTP than others. A popular online casino with a lot of games and players can offer a higher RTP to get you to play.

Choose an online poker casino that offers the games you want to play. That is probably the best way to choose where to play online. If you are not sure what type of poker you want to play look for a site offering free play or a demo like a version of the real thing. Play a few hands and see which game you like most. There are different types of online poker, video poker that is similar to a slot machine, Texas Hold'em, Omaha and variations on these. Find one you like and then choose a site that offers you what you want to play.

Choose a site that is easy to navigate around and easy to understand the rules and regulations and offers good customer support.

 Types of online poker

Video Poker

This is a computerised version of poker that is played at a console with a video screen in the casino and not at a table of poker players. It is often 5 draw poker where you play against the machine rather than other people. It can be played online in the same way. You simply play at a website or download the game onto your mobile device.

Texas hold'em

Each player is dealt 2 cards and then 5 cards are dealt face up as community cards and you choose the best 5 cards from your cards and the community cards.

Casino Hold’em

This is a version of Texas Hold'em where you play against the casino and not other players.

7 Card stud

Each player gets dealt 2 cards followed by a betting round, another card, another round of betting or you can fold. Play continues in this manner until you have 7 cards. A final b et is laid and then after a show of cards a winner is determined.

Poker Casinos – Safety

Always play at an online poker site that has certification from the regulatory body relating to the random generation of hands. There are several companies that certify online gambling and also check on the encryption of your data for online safety. There are strict security measures that should be undertaken to ensure the safety of your personal and banking information. If these are not stated, don't play at that site.

Online Poker Bonuses

Many web sites for online poker will give you a welcome bonus when you click on the link to them from another site. It may be anything from a dollar amount to a matching amount of your first deposit.

Other sites offer a playing incentive that is paid out in increments as you win hands. For example, each time you rake in $25, you might get $5 of the bonus. Regular players are often rewarded with VIP bonuses, the more you play the more bonuses you can receive. Many sites offer a reload bonus each time you top up your account.

Bonuses can be placed into 2 categories, no deposit bonuses, and deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonus

This is what to look for if you want to try out a poker casino before you use your money. You will get an amount free cash to play games to see if you like the website and how it works.

Deposit bonus

This is what you get after you have deposited funds into a playing account. Usually you will get a bonus with your first deposit but other bonuses will be offered throughout the year at holiday times and for certain events happening at the online poker casinos.

Online Poker Tips for beginners

  • Get the right equipment-ergonomic chair and desk, min 16GB RAM, Quad-core 2.0 processor, reliable internet
  • Experiment with different games and formats-find a game you enjoy playing and stick to that one for a while until you are confident
  • Keep track of your bankroll-you will lose games, but you will also win back some of your bankroll. Just know it will vary a lot. A good number to work with is 25 buy-ins per game
  • Keep track of your results-simple tracking software will help here. Keep track of what strategies work
  • Check out poker training videos and play free games to increase your skill levels.
  • Talk about poker with friends or join a forum
  • Stay mentally tough and don't let your emotions play the game

Poker Casinos – FAQ

What currency is online poker played in?

Most online poker is played in US dollars. Some offshore sites will hold your money in your currency until you start to play. It is then converted to US$ as you enter and then leave the gaming room. Other poker sites deal exclusively in cryptocurrencies.

Can I play online poker for free?

Yes, you can. Just look for a website that offers you free play or a demo style opportunity. Most reputable and popular sites want you to play for money so they will offer you free games to see if you like their website.

Can a player cheat at online poker?

Your regular player can't cheat but someone with insider knowledge of a certain website and the program they use can manipulate to their advantage. This happens on rare occasions and they are always caught.

What does an auditor have to do with an online poker casino?

All trusted poker online casinos will openly use an auditor to verify the randomness of shuffles and transparency to all players. The fairness of the randomly generated shuffles is checked as well as the payouts.

What is the difference between cash games and tournaments?

In a cash game, you play for the money in the pot. In a tournament, you buy in with your money and get the equivalent in poker chips. When you lose all your chips you are then finished and eliminated from that game. The last player left is the winner and they get the largest cut of the prize money. Several runners up will get a smaller share of prize money.

What will a good website offer?


You will see a lot of positive reviews from players, there will be customer support and contacts available, smooth and reliable software, bonuses on offer and it will be listed on many poker playing sites and forums.