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Playtech is one of the biggest and best names for software in the gambling industry, backed by myriad excellent reviews from players and businesses alike. Founded in 1999 and the largest publicly traded gambling company, Playtech offer some of the most popular, stunning and entertaining slot games around. Most casinos worth their salt has a library of Playtech games, as their games focus on friendly interfacing and game integration to create an amazing experience. With a business ethic concentrated on customer service and quality products, Playtech have unsurprisingly flourished over the last two decades.

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As the world’s largest online gambling software supplier, Playtech has been able to make some exciting developments in the world of online gambling services. Playtech have over 140 licenses with top companies such as online casinos, retail and mobile operators, land-based casinos and even government-sponsored lotteries, showing them to truly be an industry leader. One of the reasons for this is innovative ideas such as Playtech ONE. This is an omnichannel entertainment system that allows you to play any game on any platform from any device with just a single account and one wallet. This means no matter where you play you will have the same payment portal and view to increase familiarity. This also allows them to tailor your account to create a bespoke and personalized experience.

Top Casino Products developed by Playtech

Playtech is probably best known for their incredible range of eye-catching slot games, and for good reason, however, they are more than just a slot-guru. Playtech also develops almost every type of gambling game imaginable; they have poker, baccarat, slots, bingo, craps, blackjack and many more. If you like to trial a slot game before betting real money on it, to learn the ropes and develop an understanding of the free spin and instant cash systems, Playtech back this strategy with free trial versions of their games. What’s more, all Playtech products are inter-compatible through their omnichannel gaming service, Playtech ONE.


Despite all the exciting behind-the-scenes technical development they are making, slot games are where Playtech really stands out to the players. With stunning visuals, great systems, and over two hundred incredibly entertaining titles, Playtech is responsible for some of the best slot games out there. If you have ever played an online slot game, you have probably played or heard of Age of the Gods, an older game that still shines as one of the greats, however with big deals with companies like Marvel and HBO (Game of Thrones Creators), they have also dropped some huge themed hits such as Iron Man 2, The Matrix and Green Lantern.

 Table Games 

Online table games are a great way to bring the casino experience to your own house, with inventive designs inspired by land-based casinos, the high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects of Playtech games are available in every shape and size. You can play roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker, including many variants such as Casino Hold’em, Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud and Poker Three.

 Live Casino

Many table games are also offered as a live experience through Playtech’s system. These bring the casino even closer home, with live dealers being recorded on HD cameras and other players playing the game with you at the same time. With customer experience at the forefront of Playtech’s ethos, dealers are available speaking English, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and more, so whether you are from the United States or halfway across the world, you can still enjoy live Playtech casino games. Not only are all the games on offer that you might expect, there are also some innovative variants such as unlimited blackjack and prestige roulette, which put an exciting twist on the classics.

 Playtech Casinos – Safety 

In the gambling industry, there are a few companies out to swindle as much money as possible from players, however, this is far from the truth with Playtech. Reaching the top of the game in a heavily regulated industry where players’ money is at stake can’t be done without being trustworthy and honest. All casinos employing Playtech software are properly licensed and certified, with the protection of players’ money and data being a top priority. Playtech themselves have 140 global licenses and their software is playable in 20 different regulated jurisdictions, a feat only possible by employing fair systems. This push for player safety is not only a business strategy, this is also done in order to protect young people and other more vulnerable people from the danger of criminal gambling.

Playtech USA – FAQ

Where Can I Play Playtech Games?

Playtech is one of the biggest casino game creators; its games are available in almost all major casinos, both online and land-based in several countries including the US, Russia, and Europe.

What Kind of Games do Playtech Make?

Playtech games span from sports betting options to poker networks, from bingo to slots. If you can think of a casino game type, it is highly likely Playtech has created some games of that type.

Can I Play Playtech Games on my Mobile?

Playtech is at the forefront of gambling technology and, as such, the vast majority of their games have been optimised for mobile devices. So whether you have an iPhone, Android or tablet, you can play Playtech games wherever you are.

Do Playtech Games have Free Trial Versions?

Playtech slots all have free trial versions where you can learn the ropes and gain an understanding of the reward systems before you risk real money playing them.

Can Playtech be Trusted?

Playtech is a frontrunner in the casino industry, and that kind of position can’t be achieved by ripping people off, especially when laws are getting tighter and tighter regarding gambling. Playtech is one of the most trustworthy game providers, with some of the highest level of certification available.

Do Playtech Have a Poker Network?

Playtech owns the largest poker network in the world, iPoker. These poker rooms can be customised to suit each individual player and include a wide variety of poker types, such as Texas Hold’em, Stud and Omaha poker.

Do All Casinos Have Playtech Games?

Not all casinos boast a library of Playtech games, however most big, trustworthy casinos, both land-based and online, will offer some.