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As technology continues to advance, many things have been adapted to the medium of the internet; gambling is one of the biggest industries showcasing this, with myriad options for online casinos meaning you no longer have to go to a brick-and-mortar establishment to try and win money. Online casinos also tend to offer slightly better pay-outs and odds than you would find in land-based casinos, so whether you are based in the USA or not, you can now win bigger than ever. With the widespread popularity of smartphones and the improvement of the internet, gambling has taken another leap into the world of mobile gambling. Many of the best and most popular online slot games have been adapted to work on your smartphone, so you can play on the go, or simply from a more interactive device at home.

iPhone Casinos

If you have an iPhone and wish to do some online gambling on it yet are struggling to find much help or a dedicated category on the App Store, then this list will help make it easier for you. In the interest of the safety of users, for example, children and those unaware of what they are getting into, Apple do not advertise or show real-money applications unless directly searched for, so don’t just type in ‘Casinos United States’! Unfortunately, not all casinos out there are dedicated to ensuring users are both entertained and safe in their gambling, so look below for tips to ensure you choose the right one

Android Online Casinos

Even though iPhones are the most well-known brand of smartphones, Android-powered phones still hold the majority of the market share. With this in mind, the top online casinos and game developers have also worked to ensure their services are compatible with android tablets and smartphones as well as iOS devices. In a similar bid to protect its users, the Google Play Store also tries to restrict how easy it is to access real-money gambling software, so again you have to search directly for an application

Mobile-friendly website VS Mobile App

Although many casinos still offer a dedicated mobile application, the trend is now moving towards using something called HTML5 to provide a mobile-friendly version of their website with all the same capabilities. This is beneficial as you don’t need to download anything onto your phone, so if you are running out of space or simply don’t want a casino app then all you need to do is go to the homepage of this brand and you will automatically be taken to the mobile version if using a phone or tablet. However, this isn’t for everyone; dedicated applications are written using a code specially designed to work well with your device, so many apps still tend to be slicker, more immersive and easier to use. In terms of actual performance and the winnings, deals and games available, there is no difference between the two options, so it really is simply a case of having a look around and finding the best option for you.

Mobile Casinos USA – Safety 

Safety and security are two of the most important words to think of when considering any casino, especially a mobile one. If you want to check for yourself that your money will be safe, this list outlines the ways you can do this.

  • Use casinos from big-name software providers – they won’t become big names without ensuring the safety of their users.
  • Download from an application store – these casinos are checked for licensing and restricted in regions where they are not certified, or online gambling isn’t legal.
  • Check official security details – at the bottom of a casino’s homepage you should be able to find security information on:
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Encryption methods
  • Banking options – several of these being available tends to imply a casino is safe and trustworthy with money issues
  • Random Number Generation techniques – many of the top brands will have their RNG audited and certified by external companies
  • Look at mobile casino review websites, they will check a variety of safety issues for you
  •  Get some mobile antivirus software for that extra layer of protection
  • Ensure you are on a safe network, such as your home network, before you enter any sensitive information.


Can I Play for Real Money on my Mobile?

Yes, most brands offer free play options so you can explore the market and find the best one for you. You can then sign up to start gambling real money for real wins!

What is the Best US Mobile Casino?

There are many great mobile casinos out there, all of which have their personal pros and cons. Rather than looking for what is objectively the best casino, try to find the one that best suits you, as different people have different preferences.

How do I Know Mobile Casinos Are Secure?

It is in the best interest of most casinos to protect their users and all the casinos listed above do just this. If you want to be extra safe, however, just read the ‘safety’ section of this article to see how you can delve deeper.

What Games Can I Play on my Mobile?

Nowadays, most gambling games are compatible with mobile devices. In general, mobile slots, Roulette and Blackjack are usually playable from your phone, however live games such as poker and Baccarat vary from provider to provider.

Can I Make Deposits from my Phone?

It is actually quite simple to do this, just head to the cashier section and input you eWallet or bank details. If a brand doesn’t offer a variety of payment options, though, you should try to avoid it. 

How Good Does my Connection Need to Be?

Most games will be playable on 3G networks, however, to ensure there are no performance issues, 4G or a Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

Will I Be Able to Use an Existing Account?


This is entirely dependent on the casino you are trying to use. If it offers a dedicated app or a mobile version of their website, then you will be able to keep your account to play on your mobile.