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Instant-play casinos are a quick and easy way for players in the USA to get their online gambling fix quick and easy, no matter where they are. They are one of the most popular types of online casinos since they are inherently instant and at a player's fingertips. They provide the quickest and easiest way to play at an online casino, regardless of where a player is located and on what device he or she is browsing from.

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Instant-play casinos allow players to have fun at an online casino website without having to download any special software to their computer or app to their mobile device. Instead, the games appear right on the screen in a web browser and can be played with a few clicks of the button.

The online casino (and iGaming developer) will use a variety of different technologies to allow the instant-play casino games to work, which we'll discuss in the next section.

The benefits of playing at an instant-play casino are that you won't need to obtain any special type of software on your desktop computer or mobile device. You can start playing the game right away from the moment you sign into your online casino account. Instant-play casino games are also often available from any mobile device since they are powered by mobile-friendly software.

Types of Instant Casinos

There are three main coding languages that power instant-play casinos in the USA and beyond today. They are Java, HTML5 and Adobe Flash. Let's take a look at each.

Java Instant Play Casinos

One type of open-source language, programmers use for instant-play casinos, is called JavaScript, or simply Java for short. This programming language was developed and is managed by Oracle Corporation.

The great part about Java is that it is platform-independent. What this means is that the language was designed so that what was created in it would be programmed in a way so it would be displayed the same no matter what device is running the game. In other words, an instant-play online casino game that uses Java should, in theory, look and run seamlessly on a PC, Mac or any mobile device.

HTML5 Instant Play Online Casinos

HTML5 is a relatively new programming language that many have believed for a few years now will be the ultimate successor to both Java and Flash. It is becoming a more common programming language for online developers to use, and so more and more instant-play casinos are featuring this type of programming language.

HTML5 was really designed as a mobile-first programming language. When it's used to its fullest capacity, it is the fastest and highest-quality streaming option available for instant-play casinos. It also works beautifully on mobile devices without the need for a separate mobile app.

For these reasons, many online casino players in the United States prefer instant-play casinos that offer games that use HTML5.

Flash Instant Casinos

Flash is one of the classic programming languages for the web. There are some drawbacks to the program, and many pundits have predicted that Flash will eventually become obsolete, as it is overcome by HTML5. These same pundits believe programmers will eventually phase out Flash altogether.

For now, though, Flash instant-play casinos are still available, since it is the most well-known online programming language used for the web and has been for years. In fact, some of the top iGaming developers such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming all use Flash as the software to power their instant-play casino games.

Flash is often enabled automatically on web browsers, though some such as Google Chrome require users to enable a separate Flash plugin to have it play correctly. One other potential drawback to Flash instant-play games is that they sometimes don't work well (or at all) on some mobile devices.

Adobe Flash Instant Online Casinos

Adobe is the company that created as well as manages and supports the Flash program. As such, you can sometimes see instant-play casinos refer to using either Flash or Adobe Flash. They are the same thing, though, in essence.

Pros and Cons playing at Instant Play Casino USA

There are a lot of pros to playing at instant play casinos in the USA. Perhaps the most obvious pro is that you do not need to download and install any type of software or app to your desktop computer or mobile device, respectively. These games were designed to play instantaneously right from your web browser.

Because of this, another pro of instant play casinos is that you should, in theory, be able to get the same experience with every instant play casino game no matter what device you are using. This means that you can enjoy an online casino game on both your desktop computer and then on your mobile device from the road, and get the same exact experience -- or at least something very similar.

There are some potential cons to instant play casinos in the United States, though. First, your web browser and device will have to handle the programming language that the instant play casino uses. If it uses Adobe Flash or JavaScript, you may need to download and enable a separate plugin to your web browser. There may even be a possibility that your device won't be able to handle the programming language the instant play casino uses, especially in regard to Flash.

Instant-play casino VS Downloadable casino

One debate that may take place is whether it's better to play at an instant-play casino or a downloadable casino. For many of the reasons mentioned above, instant-play casinos are the preferred method of a lot of players. They offer instantaneous play as well as the flexibility to play from multiple devices at any time.

However, players who plan to only play at an online casino using one device -- or with an older device -- then a downloadable casino may be the way to go. If, for example, your old mobile device doesn't run Flash anymore (or well), then choosing a downloadable casino that requires a mobile app could be a great option. Likewise, if you only intend to play at an online casino on your desktop computer, then a downloadable casino is a great way to play without having to connect to the online casino through a web browser.

Instant Casinos US - FAQ

Do all online casinos in the USA offer instant-play?

Most of them do offer this option, especially since more and more online casino players are playing on mobile devices.

 Are there any concerns about Flash being phased out?

In general, the answer would be yes. However, some of the major iGaming developers still use Flash to power their instant-play games.

Is there one type of instant-play casino you should seek out?

The best thing to do if you're an online casino player is to find the games you are interested in, and then see if your computer and/or mobile device can handle the instant-play casino version.

 Why would I choose a downloadable casino?

If you would rather play at online casinos only through specific programs, and not your web browser, then downloadable casinos are for you.

Are instant-play casinos banned in the USA?

No, you can play at instant-play casinos in regions of the United States where online gambling is legal and regulated.